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    What is EOSC-Life?

    EOSC-Life brings together the 13 Life Science ‘ESFRI’ research infrastructures (LS RIs) to create an open, digital and collaborative space for biological and medical research.

    The project will publish ‘FAIR’ data and a catalogue of services provided by participating RIs for the management, storage and reuse of data in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

    This space will be accessible to European research communities.

    How EOSC-Life works: RIs upload data that can be used by researchers for new projects

    Our Mission

    EOSC-Life will make data resources from LS RIs ‘FAIR’ and publish them in the EOSC following guidelines and standards. Overall, this will drive the evolution of the RI repository infrastructure for EOSC and integration of the LS RI repositories.

    EOSC-Life will implement workflows that cross disciplines and address the needs of interdisciplinary science. Through open hackathons and bring-your-own-data events we will co-create EOSC-Life with our user communities, providing a blueprint for how the EOSC supports wide-spread and excellent data-driven life science research.

    EOSC-Life will address the data policies needed for human research data under GDPR. Interoperable provenance information will describe the history of the sample and data to ensure reproducibility and adherence to regulatory requirements.



    EOSC-Life brings together the 13 research infrastructures in the Health and Food domain of the ESFRI Roadmap

    1 March 2019 – 28 February 2023,
    48 Months

    46 Partners, 13 Work Packages

    €26 Million,
    47 Deliverables


    News | 2021-09-17
    MICHA published in Briefings in Bioinformatics
    A pipeline to enable the FAIRification of drug screening experiments, developed by EATRIS within EOSC-Life
    News | 2021-09-10
    Training Infrastructure as a Service (TIaaS) now available
    The service from Galaxy Training Network is co-funded by EOSC-Life.
    News | 2021-09-08
    Kakila: When citizen science and scientists work together to build a FAIRer cetacean observation database in Guadeloupe
    A database co-funded by EOSC-Life and supported by EOSC-Life FAIR data experts
    News | 2021-08-04
    EOSC-Life hosts a successful knowledge-exchange workshop on hosting hybrid events
    The workshop, part of the Remote training series, was attended by over 60 participants
    News | 2021-07-30
    EOSC-Life presents the ‘Remote Training series’ at ISMB 2021
    The series contributes to capacity- and community-building regarding the organisation of virtual and hybrid tr...
    News | 2021-07-28
    Apply to join the EOSC Future User Group
    Apply by 15 September 2021 to help co-design and calibrate EOSC services and products.
    News | 2021-06-30
    Apply for Open Life Science Training and mentoring programme (cohort 4)
    Apply by 15 July for the Fall 2021 cohort in mentoring and training
    News | 2021-06-18
    LifeMonitor “alpha” release available
    LifeMonitor focuses on workflow test monitoring and integration with WorkflowHub and RO-Crate
    News | 2021-06-17
    Large-scale project for SARS-CoV-2 genome sequencing initiated by Galaxy
    WorkflowHub featured in project for data published by the COG-UK


    Europe Biobank Week 2021
    The theme for #EBW21 is Biobanking for our Future: Opportunities Unlocked

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    The evolution of @Gallantries_EU for running hybrid events, by @hexylena will be presented tomorrow (22 Oct) as part of the virtual @EoscLife Training Series. #UseGalaxy

    Today's the day! Join us for a #VirtualPub on #FAIR imaging #data with @allysonlister of @FAIRsharing_org
    and Beatriz Serrano-Solano of @galaxyproject. @Birthae

    Everyone is welcome!
    Starts at🕐 13:00 CEST🔽

    Global Open Science Cloud 2nd Workshop takes place now! with @simonhodson99 "also a need of cross domain interdisciplinarity" indeed! @ERINHA_RI @EoscLife are in :) #codata #FAIRdata #OpenScience #datascience #opendata

    DEADLINE Extension!

    Submit your abstract on ethical, legal and social issues of Artificial Intelligence in biobanking

    📅16 Nov 2021

    #ELSI #AI #governance #AI #biobanking #EthicsofAI #BBMRI_ELSI

    The project @BYCOVID_eu kicks off today - we are looking forward to working together, as we expand the #COVID19DataPortal with data from the #lifesciences.

    Website is live:
    #OpenScience #COVID19 #BYCOVIDKoM