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    What is EOSC-Life?

    EOSC-Life brings together the 13 Life Science ‘ESFRI’ research infrastructures (LS RIs) to create an open, digital and collaborative space for biological and medical research.

    The project publishes ‘FAIR’ data and a catalogue of services provided by participating RIs that enable the management, storage and reuse of data in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

    The project ensures that this space is accessible to European research communities.

    How EOSC-Life works: RIs upload data that can be used by researchers for new projects

    Our Mission

    EOSC-Life makes data resources from LS RIs ‘FAIR’ and publishes them in the EOSC by following guidelines and standards. Overall, this drives the evolution of the RI repository infrastructure for EOSC and integration of the LS RI repositories.

    EOSC-Life is also implementing workflows that cross disciplines and addressing the needs of interdisciplinary science. Through open hackathons and bring-your-own-data events, EOSC-Life is being co-created with our user communities. This provides a blueprint that illustrates how the EOSC supports widespread and excellent data-driven life science research.

    EOSC-Life is addressing the data policies needed for human research data under the GDPR. Interoperable provenance information is provided that describes the history of samples and data to ensure reproducibility and adherence to regulatory requirements.



    EOSC-Life brings together the 13 research infrastructures in the Health and Food domain of the ESFRI Roadmap

    1 March 2019 – 31 August 2023,
    54 Months

    50 Partners, 13 Work Packages

    €26 Million,
    47 Deliverables


    News | 2023-03-16
    Training Open Calls Banner
    Third Training Open Call: 7 Projects Funded
    WP9 has chosen seven proposals to develop trainings for the EOSC-Life community in Spring 2023.
    News | 2023-03-08
    World map with colorful flags marking OLS cohort sites.
    Success Story: Open Life Science (OLS) Mentoring and Training
    Thanks in part to EOSC-Life funding, OLS has helped individuals develop and lead more than 175 Open Research p...
    News | 2023-03-01
    A large group of people stand on a stage in an auditorium in front of a black backdrop and a projected slide with logos.
    Summary of the EOSC-Pillar Project: Advancing EOSC Regional Developments
    News | 2023-03-01
    BY-COVID workshop “Understanding Metadata” materials available
    Even if you missed this great metadata workshop in mid-February, you can still access the materials!
    News | 2023-02-24
    FAIR-EASE and EuroScienceGateway start 3-year collaboration
    News | 2023-02-16
    Success Story: “Tlaas: Training Infrastructure as a Service”
    Highlighting yet another way EOSC-Life has supported efforts to maximise collaboration among all consortium RI...
    News | 2023-02-16
    This slide features text describing an open call with a light grey banner across the top, dark grey banner across the bottom, and icons of a microscope, computer and a giraffe in the lower third of the image.
    First A14Life Open Call launched
    Answer this call to get help with Deep Learning and image analysis!
    News | 2023-02-16
    ISIDORe launches its Preparedness programme calls for proposals
    All scientists in academia and the private sector are invited to apply!
    News | 2023-02-15
    Headshots of white men and one white woman as stills in a grid on a dark blue background.
    New documentary from ESFRI co-member ESCAPE
    This film reveals five versatile solutions to FAIR data management, curation, and deposition!


    nf-core Hackathon in March 2023
    Get ready, get set, hack!
    An event description in text and QR code, as well as organizer logos, are displayed against a dark grey background.
    “Guide to FAIR Bioimaging Data” Workshop from Euro-BioImaging
    ISIDORe logo appears in the upper left-hand corner of a white background. In the upper right-hand corner, an image of a globe (eastern hemisphere) is shown. At the bottom, red, purple, and yellow waves are overlapping one another.
    ISIDORe Annual Meeting
    Celebrate the one-year benchmark of the ISIDORe project!
    Text describing an upcoming workshop is presented against a turquoise and white background
    EOSC-Life Exchange of Experience and Training on Impact Assessment
    Research infrastructure and EOSC project members are warmly invited to join this workshop on impact assessment...
    A dark blue background with two golden yellow and one aqua blue objects on the left-hand side, plus white text about an event.
    Multimodal Biomarkers & Diagnostics Summer School
    Sign up by March 17!
    A map displays the whole family of Euro-BioImaging partners.
    Euro-BioImaging All Hands Nodes Meeting (Hybrid)
    See talks, presentations and posters from the whole Euro-BioImaging family!
    Golden lines and blue text on a white background, featuring the EOSC-Life logo.
    Workshop: BioImaging and the European Open Science Cloud
    You can still join this event in-person or remotely!
    A black and purple pixelated background shows a computer mouse in the lower right-hand corner
    F2F EOSC-Life gamification and playful learning training
    Join this 2nd EOSC-Life gamification training and hone your skills in making learning more fun!
    The Euro-BioImaging family partners are displayed on a map of Europe.
    Workshop: BioImaging and the European Open Science Cloud
    A great chance to learn more about image data management and image analysis tools, workflows, and data resourc...

    Spaces are still available for this 2nd EOSC-Life #gamification #training!

    Sign up by:
    📅 March 28
    and hone your skills in making #learning more fun!

    When: 20-21 April 2023 / Where: Hinxton, UK

    👉 Register:
    ☑ Learn more:

    Also today @JM_Carazo @CNB_CSIC @instructhub-Spain presenting at the International Symposium on Grids and Clouds
    Instruct works towards data integration to ensure #FAIRdata through our work with the @eoscassociation
    In particular with projects @EOSC_synergy @EOSCFuture @EoscLife

    From our discussions @FragmentScreen meeting, clear pilot cases with researchers data obtained at research infrastructures kept at EOSC can be crucial to ensure #FAIRdata
    Let's make it happen!
    @instructhub @Robbie_Joosten @CNB_CSIC @JM_Carazo @EOSCFuture @EOSC_synergy @EoscLife

    And with the help of technology @JM_Carazo @CNB_CSIC @instructhub-Spain is also presenting in Frankfurt at the kick off meeting of the @HorizonEU project @FragmentScreen explaining how the data obtained with the new technologies is going to made FAIR
    Working in synergy with #EOSC

    Save the date: Health-RI/EOSC-Life hybrid workshop - Bridging the Gap between Researchers & Research Infrastructures
    🗓️13-14 June 2023
    Utrecht, The Netherlands & online

    EOSC-Life WP9 has chosen seven (7!) proposals through the 3rd Training Open Call to develop trainings for the EOSC-Life community in Spring 2023
    @RebeccaLudwig2 @EatrisEric