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What is EOSC-Life?

EOSC-Life brings together the 13 Biological and Medical ‘ESFRI’ research infrastructures (BMS RIs) to create an open, digital and collaborative space for biological and medical research.

The project will publish ‘FAIR’ data and a catalogue of services provided by participating RIs for the management, storage and reuse of data in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

This space will be accessible to European research communities.

How EOSC-Life works: RIs upload data that can be used by researchers for new projects

Our Mission

EOSC-Life will make data resources from BMS RIs ‘FAIR’ and publish them in the EOSC following guidelines and standards. Overall, this will drive the evolution of the RI repository infrastructure for EOSC and integration of the BMS RI repositories.

EOSC-Life will implement workflows that cross disciplines and address the needs of interdisciplinary science. Through open hackathons and bring-your-own-data events we will co-create EOSC-Life with our user communities, providing a blueprint for how the EOSC supports wide-spread and excellent data-driven life science research.

EOSC-Life will address the data policies needed for human research data under GDPR. Interoperable provenance information will describe the history of the sample and data to ensure reproducibility and adherence to regulatory requirements.


EOSC-Life unites 13 Research Infrastructures in the health and life sciences


EOSC-Life brings together the 13 research infrastructures in the Health and Food domain of the ESFRI Roadmap

1 March 2019 – 28 February 2023,
48 Months

46 Partners, 11 Work Packages

€23.7 Million,
34 Deliverables


News | 2020-04-21
European Commission Launches Data Sharing Platform for COVID-19
Partners include EOSC-Life and ELIXIR
News | 2020-04-16
Workshop on Workflow Platforms
A workshop moved online to give an intro to those with no prior knowledge.
News | 2020-04-15
EOSC-Life Partners Join COVID-19 Virtual Biohackathon
ELIXIR joins global research community online to develop tools for COVID-19 analysis
News | 2020-04-15
WiLSI workshop “Digital Sequence Information, Open Access, and Sustainable Benefit”
EOSC-Life participants presented marine biological research at March 2020 workshop
News | 2020-04-14
EOSC-Life Publishes List of RIs Offering Resources for COVID-19 Research
Our participating LS RIs are contributing facilities, services and resources in the search for a vaccine and t...
News | 2020-03-16
EOSC-Life Featured in Article on COVID-19 and the EOSC
The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) will accelerate research to address future global challenges such as CO...
News | 2020-02-27
EOSC-Life AGM Location Moved to Brussels
Important update for AGM registrants!
News | 2019-10-21
EOSC-Life Partners Euro-BioImaging and Instruct Sign Collaboration Agreement
On September 18, 2019, the partners committed to their joint efforts facilitating common user access to their ...
News | 2019-09-12
Launch of EOSC-Life Newsletter in September
Sign up now to receive the bimonthly newsletter of EOSC-Life, featuring project updates, trainings and hackath...


Webinar series on socio-economic impact of RIs
“A European framework for socio-economic impact of research infrastructures: A way forward”

Super pre-print by @JohanD13016359 and his team featuring important interdisciplinary work supported by the @CORBEL_eu project. The beautiful imaging data was obtained at the Euro-BioImaging @embl Node in collaboration with @SchwabYannick. Congratulations to all!👏

"Why are you here? Why should I care if you exist or not in a year from now?"

These are the questions @eliasen_bogi urged the #LSRIs to consider during yesterday's webinar.

What about you? Are you contemplating your answer?

DEADLINE EXTENSION: OPEN CALL for Training extended to June 12!

Got a great idea for @EoscLife-related #training / face-to-face course / e-learning? Need help to fund & pull it together? Apply here - get in touch with questions!

REMINDER : OPEN CALL for Training ends May 29th!

Got a great idea for @EoscLife-related #training / face-to-face course / e-learning? Need help to fund & pull it together? Apply here - get in touch with questions!

Don't miss the final part of our @galaxyproject-ELIXIR webinar series! You will learn how you can use the #useGalaxy platform and take advantage of its compute capacities.

🗓️ Thu 28 May, 17.30 CEST

#ELIXIRvsCOVID19 @denbiOffice

The aim of the #COVID19 Data Portal is to facilitate data sharing and analysis, and to accelerate #coronavirus #research. This joint effort is a priority pilot to realise the objectives of the European #OpenScience Cloud (#EOSC).