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    Executive Board (ExecB)

    The Executive Board (EB) is the ultimate decision-making body of the consortium. It comprises the Representing Parties, the Party identified by each of the respective ESFRI Life Science Research Infrastructures (normally the Hub of implemented Research Infrastructures or coordinator of Preparatory ESFRI Life Science Research Infrastructures) to represent them in the context of the EOSC-Life project. It is chaired by the Coordinator. The EB provides operational supervision for the project, monitors progress of project deliverables with WP leaders and risks and initiates actions as appropriate to ensure successful delivery. The EB will be responsible for decisions on overall financial management and resourcing, changes to project structure and approval of additional partners. The EB will meet quarterly and additionally upon request by any member of the EB and as far as practical use web conferencing facilities to reduce travel and carbon footprint.

    The Executive Board is the ultimate decision-making body of the consortium. It shall ensure the alignment of the project with the Life Science RI Strategy Board (the collaborative group of Life Science RI directors or coordinators). Therefore, the Executive Board consists of one member nominated by each participating LS RI (Representing Party).

    Current members:

    • ELIXIR: Niklas Blomberg (Project Coordinator)
    • BBMRI: Jens Habermann
    • EATRIS: Antonio L. Andreu
    • ECRIN: Jacques Demotes
    • EMBRC: Nicolas Pade
    • EMPHASIS: Roland Pieruschka
    • ERINHA: Hervé Raoul
    • EU-OPENSCREEN: Wolfgang Fecke
    • EURO-BIOIMAGING: Jan Ellenberg
    • INFRAFRONTIER: Michael Raess
    • INSTRUCT: Susan Daenke
    • ISBE: Gennaro Piccialli
    • MIRRI: Rosa Aznar



    Work Package Leaders Group

    This group oversees the technical progress of the project and ensures interoperability and alignment of co-dependent tasks across work packages. It comprises Work Package Leaders plus staff members from their organisations who support the technical coordination and implementation of the Project by invitation where necessary and appropriate.

    Scientific and Ethics Advisory Board (SEAB)

    The SEAB includes experts in the biological and biomedical life science area whose backgrounds cover science, IT, ethical and legal issues, and industry. It meets annually during the AGM and provides direct feedback to the Executive Board, Strategy Board, and the Project. External ethics, data protection, and governance experts, may be co-opted onto the Board to deal with particular issues as and when necessary.

    Current members:

    • Stephan Beck
    • Barbara Bierer
    • Mette Hartlev
    • Florian Jug
    • Yves Moreau
    • Joel Sussman
    • Sophia Turner
    • Peter Wittenburg


    EOSC Stakeholder Interaction Group (ESIG)

    A dedicated EOSC Stakeholder Interaction Group (ESIG), chaired by WP8, discusses EOSC Governance related topics with representatives from all Life Science Research Infrastructures participating in EOSC-Life.