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    Data sharing and digital tools are critical for the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. EOSC-Life partners and solutions were well positioned to respond quickly to the needs of our community. We grew our project by 2 new work packages and our COVID-related activities include the following:

    COVID-19 Data Portal

    The EU COVID-19  Data Platform is a political priority captured in the ERAvsCORONA action plan, stressing from the start that the Platform is a use-case of EOSC, and fully embedded in the EOSC ecosystem.

    Within this European initiative involving EOSC-Life beneficiary EMBL-EBI, EOSC-Life Work Package 13 is tasked with extending the COVID-19 Data Portal. The following diagram shows how the 13 Life Science Research Infrastructures involved in EOSC-Life will interact with EMBL-EBI, national infrastructures and international initiatives to fuel this effort. 

    The objectives are threefold:

    1. To mobilise open biomolecular data
    2. To mobilise new SARS-CoV-2 data
    3. To connect to clinical and epidemiological data

    Mobilising open biomolecular data
    • Mark-up and indexing infrastructure put in place across ELIXIR Core Data Resources of relevance
    • 500,000 records from the biomolecular and literature domains available openly to users
    • Infrastructure for “related resources” in place currently spanning some 59 resources

    Among the resources available from the EOSC-Life participants are:

    Mobilising new SARS-CoV-2 data
    • Country-by-country campaign to assist data generators
    • Support for data management, standards compliance and submission via tools, Help desk, calls, etc.
    • >160,000 viral isolates with raw sequence data
    • 75% of the world’s data flows through the Data Hubs

    Connecting to clinical and epidemiological data
    • Establishment of a National Coordinators’ group
    • 4 full meetings; 9 bilaterals
    • Engagement around: viral data management; viral data brokering; management of sensitive host data; cohort data integration; clinical and epidemiological context; National COVID-19 Data Portals

    COVID-19 Clinical Trials Data Repository

    During a pandemic there is a need for timely and accurate collection, reporting and sharing of Individual Participant Data (IPD) from clinical trials. IPD should be stored in trustworthy data repositories that have been certified, are subject to rigorous governance, committed to longer-term preservation of their data and compliant with the relevant regulations (e.g. GDPR). This will facilitate re-analyses, secondary analyses and patient-level data meta-analyses. With the help of EOSC-Life, ECRIN and Uio are currently developing such a repository using the TSD platform for sensitive data. The repository will be part of the European COVID-19 Data Portal.



    Relevant stakeholders are involved in the concept and strategy, and a plan for governance and sustainability is underway. The following groups have been formed:

    • Steering Group: comprises the WT-leaders of EOSC-Life WP14 from ECRIN and UiO, the coordinator of EOSC-Life, a legal expert
    • Stakeholder Forum: research infrastructures/e-infrastructures, funders, publishers, trial investigators, COVID-19 initiatives/platforms, trial registries/repositories, ethical, legal & technical experts
    • Scientific Advisory Board: with representatives from Vivli, NIH

    See the publication Strategic plan for the development of a COVID-19 repository including specification of technical requirements, policies and procedures


    The first Stakeholder Forum took place December 2020.

    An early demonstrator of the repository (beta version) was presented in spring 2021 to the Steering Group.