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    News 2023-06-22

    A Successful Webinar on Managing Preclinical Image Data

    Participants learned all about XNAT and how to manage their preclinical data!

    The 1st Webinar on Data Management of Preclinical Image Datasets was held online on June 15, developed by the University of Turin and Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche in collaboration with EOSC-Life, EOSC4Cancer, EUCAIM, and Euro-BioImaging.

    Francesco Gammaraccio, Kranthi Thej Kandula, and Elisabetta Spinazzola (University of Turin), as well as Feriel Ramdhane (Euro-BioImaging ERIC and the National Research Council of Italy), led this webinar.



    Participants received an overview of the XNAT platform and explored various topics, including how to visualise large datasets, manage these, and share both data and metadata. They also received an introduction to utilising image processing tools and data repositories.

    A great deal of interest was expressed in XNAT-PIC at the webinar and had the chance to see practical demonstrations of the open-source tools that can be used to manage preclinical data and metadata.

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