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    Event 06.10.22 - 07.10.22 | Zagreb, Croatia

    Application of AI in improving patient treatment strategies

    Join us at this EOSC-Life Event to discuss the key challenges in this field!

    As part of the EOSC-Life project, this event will place a focus on building an awareness of our capacities in the area of AI applications and their roles in improving patient treatment strategies.

    We will discuss key challenges that influence the domain, formulate our shared vision of future direction the field, and address key questions including:

    • Is European healthcare data ready for application of AI/ML based technologies?
    • Moving beyond FAIR: what does the AI/ML world needs to drive application (trustworthiness, reproducibility, etc.) in the healthcare setting across Europe?


    This event provides a great opportunity for participants to meet and network with colleagues, explore opportunities, and showcase examples of success in the domain.

    Check out the draft agenda and register here

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