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    Event 24.01.23 - 24.01.23 | online

    BY-COVID industry webinar: Data-driven innovation in infectious diseases

    Learn how to manage your data for more effective pandemic preparedness, disease surveillance and outbreak control!

    Are you using open-source software or publicly available data for COVID-19 or other infectious diseases in your internal pipelines/business models?

    Then this webinar might be perfect for you!

    When: Tuesday, 24 January, 13-14:00 CET

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    This virtual venue enables BY-COVID partners to engage with industry communities, supporting the search for collaborative ways to make COVID-19 and other infectious disease data available for innovation.


    Webinar themes:

    • Repurposing data & software tools for a faster future health crisis response: How open-source code and open or FAIR data was used to meet industrial needs during the COVID-19 crisis and what researchers need.
    • Novel technologies and innovative projects tackling global disease burden developed during the pandemic: How novel tools can improve data quality, data extraction from samples, or how robust prediction models can be built.
    • The societal impacts of a pandemics: Assessing the impact of interventions and lessons learned.

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