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    Event 23.06.22 - |

    Seminar 2 – Cloud deployment of FAIR resources: Success stories from the EOSC-LIFE RI community

    EOSC-LIFE is jointly supported by 13 biological and medical research infrastructures in Europe with the aim of creating an open, collaborative digital space for the life sciences in the European Open Science Cloud. We achieve this goal by making our data and services available in accordance with the FAIR principles (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable). We believe that these renewed resources are critical to ensuring the reproducibility of life science research and ultimately making our research infrastructures more sustainable and impactful.

    To support this goal, we have launched eight pilot projects that were selected from the research infrastructure community through an open call for applications. These pilots represent a wide range of data commonly used by life sciences user groups, from multi-omics data integration to imaging for different organisms and diseases.


    In this second seminar we are going to report on the successful results of six pilot projects:

    1) PombeMine: A FAIR workflow-enabled PomBase in the cloud
    2) Developing a federated XNAT portal for medical image datasets
    3) Cloudification of the IMPC dataset for workflow application
    4) PDB-REDO Cloud: FAIR protein structures with deep versioning for scientific reproducibility and data provenance tracking
    5) Cloudification of the BBMRI-ERIC CRC-Cohort and its digital pathology imaging resources
    6) Cloudification of CryoEM data and metadata

    The event will take place at 23 June, 10-12 CEST.

    You can register here.

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