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    Event 19.01.21 - | Online

    Populating EOSC-Life: Success stories from the Demonstrators (Seminar 2)

    The 2nd round of updates on our Demonstrator projects

    Seminar 2
    19.01.2021, 2 pm -4:30 pm CET
    Host: Helen Parkinson


    Speaker: Demonstrator 3
    Rapid, scalable and reproducible deployment of (meta) genomics assembly and analysis pipelines tailored to the biome of interest

    Speaker: Demonstrator 4
    Marine Eukaryote Genomics Portal –access to tools and data-flows for marine genome annotation

    Speaker: Salvador Capella
    Accessing human sensitive data from analytical workflows available to everyone in EOSC-Life

    Speaker: Demonstrator 8
    Plant A+: Taking Plant Omics Data through Annotation, Acquisition and Analysis to Application

    This meeting is for the consortium only. See registration link in email. 

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