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    News 2023-08-02

    EOSC-Focus Interview with Ludêk Matyska: EOSC-Life User Management and Access Services WP Lead

    The EOSC Focus project recently conducted an interview with Ludêk Matyska (Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic), a work package leader for user management and access services in EOSC-Life and as a representative of CESNET, an EOSC Association Mandated Organisation.

    Read the interview here

    In this interview, Mr. Matyska describes his involvement in EOSC-Life and other recent projects such as EOSC-Future and GDI. He also points out how EOSC is being integrated in CESNET’s overall strategy and implemented in the Czech Republic.

    You can read the EOSC-Life deliverable from Mr. Matyska’s work package that summarises the work done in EOSC-Life to implement an access and user management system for the European life science research infrastructures here:

    EOSC-Life Access and User Management System for Life Science – the implementation and usage report


    Mr. Matyska also emphasises an important point regarding the sustainability of Open Science and FAIR data management:

     “One extremely challenging thing of Open Science is research evaluation and assessment. Without changes to how researchers and institutions are assessed and evaluated, Open Science will not succeed. FAIR data management has extra costs associated, and if researchers see no incentives, or perceive that in the evaluation of research no one cares about their datasets or the adoption of Open Science practices, and that all that matters is publishing in high impact non-open journals, they will lose interest in EOSC and Open Science.”

    This point has also been stressed in a recent preprint on “Sustainability of FAIR Life Science Resources and Projects: Lessons Learned from EOSC-Life Research Infrastructures” from EOSC-Life consortium members.

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