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    Event 30.05.22 - | Oslo, Norway

    EOSC in the Nordics: from policy to practice

    The EOSC-Nordic workshop “EOSC in the Nordics: from policy to practice” will be co-located with NeIC conference 2022 to be held in Oslo, Norway.

    The workshop discusses the status of the EOSC uptake in the Nordic and Baltic countries, analyzing the existing barriers and challenges and highlighting implementation best practices through two main themes:

    • EOSC coordination, policies, and engagement in the Nordic countries: what is the impact of EOSC on the region so far, and what are the expectations for the future? What are the existing barriers to a full EOSC adoption? What are the necessary steps to make EOSC part of the national roadmaps?


    • LUMI a model for EOSC? The Nordic countries have made significant investments in new computing and AI infrastructure (LUMI). Can EOSC benefit from LUMI? What are the plans to build potential synergies between LUMI (EuroHPC) and EOSC? Can the LUMI business and funding model be replicated in EOSC?

    The EOSC-Nordic workshop is held on the first day of the conference on Monday, 30 May.


    To register for the conference, please visit the conference registration page . Should you want to attend only the EOSC-Nordic workshop, please register for the one-day attendance option and choose 30 May.

    Before the EOSC in the Nordics event, EOSC-Nordic will host an online workshop fully dedicated to indirect and policy-driven FAIR incentives on 9th May. For more information on the event please see the event page.

    The NeIC 2022 conference will be held in Oslo from 30 May to 1 June 2022. The event aims to provide an opportunity for people in the Nordic e-infrastructures to connect and collaborate with colleagues across the region to share knowledge and expertise and learn about interesting ideas and projects.

    You can find the full program for the workshop here.

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