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    News 2021-06-16

    EOSC-Life contributes to position statement on open science with ESFRI Science Clusters

    The project joins PaNOSC, ESCAPE, SSHOC and ENVRI-FAIR to detail commitments to open science

    This position paper contributes formally to explain the urgent need of EC to support a longer-term role of the five Science Clusters to provide content to the EOSC, to enhance researchers’ involvement in Open Science and to suggest potential cooperative pathways in the Horizon-Europe framework and along with the EOSC Association roadmap.

    This paper highlights:

    • Expectations of the clusters and the concerned research communities, pointing out a common structured vision and a series of suggestions for the future.
    • A more detailed analysis from each cluster, that is provided for completeness.

    EOSC-Life has its own section detailing initiatives within the project, collaborative mechanisms and aspects of collaborative actions.

    Read the position statement here.

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