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    Event 30.03.23 - 31.03.23 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

    EOSC-Life Exchange of Experience and Training on Impact Assessment

    Research infrastructure and EOSC project members are warmly invited to join this workshop on impact assessment!

    This face-to-face workshop (lunch to lunch) is co-organised by EATRIS and the European Future Innovation System (EFIS) Centre, and will be hosted by EATRIS hub in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

    RI members will be encouraged to share their experiences with the complex topic of impact assessment. As RI monitoring requirements in Europe increase (e.g. ESFRI, national funders), RI members must strengthen their in-house expertise in impact assessment, so that they can autonomously develop effective ways to monitor, document, and communicate the impact of their infrastructure, including at the node level.

    The workshop will be as hands-on as possible, as the goal is to extend past impact assessment theories and to explore tools, methodologies and concrete practices the RIs have already explored and learned from.



    Date: 30-31 March 2023 (lunch-to-lunch, see agenda for exact times)

    Location: EATRIS, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Eligible participants: Applicants will be selected on a first-come first-served basis, taking into account the prior experience of candidates with impact assessment and a balanced participation of members from different RI and EOSC projects.

    Register: Using this form by no later than 17 February 2023.


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