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    News 2021-07-30

    EOSC-Life presents the ‘Remote Training series’ at ISMB 2021

    The series contributes to capacity- and community-building regarding the organisation of virtual and hybrid training

    The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a sudden transition from face-to-face to remote training. EOSC-Life has recently presented at ISMB 2021 the series of knowledge-exchange sessions on transitioning to remote events that was developed to support the EOSC-Life and Research Infrastructures (RI) community of Life Science trainers and organisers.

    The Remote training series was launched in July 2020 with a one-day workshop, attended by almost 70 participants, about how to adapt your event to a virtual setting. Afterwards, EOSC-Life has held informal monthly sessions to exchange experiences, questions and opinions. Certain sessions include live demonstrations of relevant tools and platforms. Additional one-day workshops about ‘Remote access to RI physical machinery and services’ and ’Hosting hybrid events’ have been organised.

    A key objective of the series is to share lessons learnt, what worked and did not work well with a specific tool, format or audience. Periodical announcements are disseminated through internal channels, and the recorded sessions are accessible to the participants through a Youtube unlisted playlist. 

    The series has proven to be valuable and has created a community of practice within the RI network. Future topics of the series will include accessibility in remote/hybrid training and follow up sessions of the one-day workshops. If you would like to participate, suggest topics or share your experience, contact WP9 at dthlopez<at>



    Poster of the EOSC-Life Remote training series presented at ISMB 2021.


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