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    Event 27.09.22 - | Online

    EOSC-Life workshop: Sharing sensitive data – centralised, federated or hybrid?

    In this EOSC-Life workshop “Sharing sensitive data – centralised, federated or hybrid?”, we will examine the pros and cons of data sharing approaches by taking a look at specific use cases in the life sciences domain. 

    Large-scale research collaborations in life sciences face a wide range of challenges when jointly gathering sensitive data to address research questions. First of all, ethical and legal issues need to be addressed, but there is also a wide range of other aspects to be considered: data ownership, technical requirements and system performance, data privacy and security, data quality and sustainability.

    The workshop goal is to offer clear guidance: When should research collaborations centralise the data collections and when is it better to opt for a federated or hybrid approach? What would be the key organizational and technical measures to take in either case?

    We hope you can join us on the 27th September!

    Draft agenda is available here. For more background information on the scope of the workshop click here.

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