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    News 2022-12-22

    Exciting advances in the European Galaxy Project in 2022

    Find out how you can use the Galaxy open-source platform to perform FAIR data analysis and share news about your discoveries!

    The Galaxy open-source platform for FAIR data analysis enables users to:

    • use tools from various domains (that can be plugged into workflows) through its graphical web interface.
    • run code in interactive environments (e.g. RStudio, Jupyter) with other tools or workflows.
    • manage data by sharing and publishing results, workflows, and visualizations.
    • ensure reproducibility by capturing the information needed to repeat and interpret data analyses.

    The Galaxy Community is actively involved in helping the ecosystem improve and sharing scientific discoveries. Many researchers are using the European Galaxy server for their analysis. Let the Team know about your publications and they will feature it on their website!

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