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Informal Exchange of Experience workshop: Transferring face-to-face courses to remote delivery

Consortium members are invited to attend a one-day informal discussion workshop on moving your courses online

This one-day, hands-on workshop is aimed at members of the EOSC-Life consortium, to address the challenges of moving face-to-face trainings online, and to ensure maximum effectiveness of online trainings.

Topics addressed include:

  • Online facilitation
  • Keeping attention of participants
  • Community building
  • Parallel breakout sessions
    • Teaching computer-based hands-on tutorial courses
    • Challenges faced by RIs requiring physical infrastructures
      • i) Training and support with social distancing
      • ii) Training on remote access



Registration is now closed. 

Audience: EOSC-Life consortium members

Take our survey to collect training needs here.

For comments & questions, send an email to Vera & Rebecca.


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