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    Event 03.03.23 - 05.03.23 | Ghent, Belgium

    Infectious Disease Toolkit Contentathon in March

    Our partners at ELIXIR have invited interested persons to attend a Infectious Disease Toolkit Contentathon on 13-15 March in Ghent, Belgium.

    The Infectious Diseases Toolkit (IDTk), which is being developed as part of the BY-COVID project by the Belgian, Estonian, and Swiss Nodes of ELIXIR, collects guidelines and examples on managing, analysing and visualising infectious disease data.

    This Contentathon will involve diverse experts who have dealt with recent pandemics and who are interested in presenting innovative solutions and best practices that have been used to tackle infectious diseases outbreaks.

    In addition to the in-presence sessions, short support sessions via Zoom will be provided for those who are unable to attend in person.

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