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    News 2023-02-15

    New documentary from ESFRI co-member ESCAPE

    This film reveals five versatile solutions to FAIR data management, curation, and deposition!

    ESCAPE is one of five members of the ESFRI, of which EOSC-Life is a part, along with SSHOC (Social Sciences and Humanities), PANOSC (Photon and Neutron), and ENVRI-FAIR (Environment).

    Together, these members provide a thematic gathering point for the activities required to make the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) a reality by facilitating access to research data.


    Now, ESCAPE has produced a 20-minute-long documentary explaining how it tackled the challenge of open science and put Europe ahead of the game!

    Check this out to learn how ESCAPE helped to develop five versatile solutions for data management, curation, and deposition, while applying FAIR principles at different stages of the scientific process.

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