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    News 2023-01-19

    New FAIRDOM-SEEK version just out

    This new version of FAIRDOM-SEEK features great new features!

    The FAIRDOM (FAIR Sharing for Systems and Synthetic Biology) consortium is an open initiative of various partners including funding programmes, large-consortia, institutes, small groups as well as individuals. This consortium receives funding in part from EOSC-Life.

    Members of the FAIRDOM consortium have developed and supported FAIRDOM-SEEK, the Data Management Platform. This platform is a mature, web-based resource that can be used by researchers to organise, share and publish heterogeneous scientific research datasets, models or simulations, protocols, workflows, samples, publications and other research outcomes.

    The FAIRDOM-SEEK creators are pleased to announce that a new version of FAIRDOM-SEEK (1.13.0) with lots of shiny improved features is now available!

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