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    Event 27.03.23 - 29.03.23 | online

    nf-core Hackathon in March 2023

    Get ready, get set, hack!

    Save the date for this online, free, and fun nf-core hackathon in March 2023!

    When: 27-29 March 2023

    This event is virtual and open to people in all time zones.

    What will happen?
    At this hackathon, the organisers are encouraging all participants to create small local groups (with your friends, colleagues, at your institute, or in your geographical region). Once you have gathered together, join the global gathering online on!

    Learn more about the Hackathon here

    New to nf-core and Nexflow? Consider joining this upcoming training event on March 13-16, 2023


    check out this helpful online tutorial course from EMBL-EBI!

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