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    Event 08.06.21 - 11.06.21 | Online

    OME 2021 Community Meeting

    Initiatives supported by EOSC-Life will be explained and workshoped in this 3-day event on open microscopy

    June 08-11 is the annual OME community meeting.

    Work supported by EOSC-life will be presented during pre-recorded talks. There will be live Q&A sessions and workshops on the days of the meeting. 

    The datasets SARS-COVID-2 from EU-OPENSCREEN will be used during the workshop of day 3.

    The cloud base analysis infrastructure from EMBL-EBI put in place as part of WP1 work, will also be used during that workshop.

    Video playlists are online, including talks by Antje Keppler, Frances Wong and Beatriz Serrano-Solano.

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