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    News 2023-01-26

    Success Story: “Defragmentation” (TS1) bioimage analysis training school

    When the NEUBIAS Academy and EOSC-Life join forces, the sky's the limit!

    “Defragmentation: bringing BioImage Analysts to the cloud!” is an initiative that was awarded funding by EOSC-Life through the Second Training Open Call.

    This training school (Defragmentation TS1) organized by the Network of European Bioimage Analysts (NEUBIAS Academy) and EOSC-Life took place in September and October 2022.

    The organization committee selected 25 trainees from all over the world who wanted to learn state-of-the-art methods for bioimage analysis that use cloud infrastructures.

    The programme included lectures and F2F sessions over a period of 5 weeks. You can view this series of lectures on the NEUBIAS YouTube channel.

    Defragmentation TS1 introduced the participants to biomage and data management concepts and taught them how to ensure reproducible and accessible science through the adoption of FAIR principles. Participants also learned innovative methods that they could apply for the parallelization and batch analysis of image data in the cloud.

    The training materials are also freely available,  archived in a GitHub repository for the broader bioimage analysis community.

    The initiative received very positive feedback from all the attendees, who expressed their interest in taking part in future Defragmentation TS in person. The Scientific Organizers sincerely thank the Advisory Board members, Trainers, and Helpers who supported the training!

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