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    News 2023-04-05

    Success Story: Facilitating Remote Access and User Training

    Through this series of stories, we are revisiting EOSC-Life successes and highlighting sustainable outcomes!

    The Remote Access and User Training proposal that aimed to provide increased opportunities for the EOSC-Life community and their users was granted in late 2021 as part of the 2nd EOSC-Life Training Open Call.

    The RIs involved, Euro-BioImaging ERIC and Instruct-ERIC, were (positively) overwhelmed by the response to  the workshop offer, with more than 120 participants from a variety of different life science (and other) Research Infrastructures attending.

    The exceptional popularity of this workshop underlined the real need that exists in the community for events that allow service providers and facility staff from different scientific domains to share their experiences and information about key tools, software solutions, and expertise, smoothing the transition from physical to remote access.

    If you could not take part in this workshop, you can still access the training recordings and materials to help support remote access and user training in your Research Infrastructure!

    Workshop session recordings

    Workshop materials (discussion summaries, presentation slides, etc.) are available upon request by contacting Instruct-ERIC.

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