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    News 2022-07-20

    Successful training course held on facilitation and moderation skills

    Facilitation and moderation skills galore at this recent training course!

    The training course on facilitation and moderation skills took place successfully at DANS, the Dutch national centre of expertise and repository for research data, on 7-8 July!

    This course, jointly organised by EOSC-Life and EOSC Future, helped participants learn how to:

    • Employ strategies to facilitate and prepare their sessions
    • Use their facilitation skills with confidence
    • Identify when and how to intervene
    • Create a positive environment


    Participants also successfully tackled how to design sessions to meet their specific objective, learning how to

    • Define the audience and optimise the format and agenda
    • Ensure inclusivity by design and appropriate facilitation techniques
    • Achieve real engagement

    The organizers sincerely thank the excellent trainer Sandra Barth and all the attendees for their active participation!

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