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    Event 09.02.21 - | Online

    Training: Advanced Kubernetes Concepts

    Under EOSC-Life, EMBL-EBI cloud consultants with de.NBI offer a training for those with a basic understanding of Kubernetes, Docker, and web services

    The EMBL-EBI cloud consultants with de.NBI (German network of bioinformatics infrastructure) under EOSC-Life WP7 invite you to a training on advanced Kubernetes concepts.


    A sandbox(VM) will be provided by the organisers, your laptop/machine should have ssh client to connect sandbox.

    Register here.

    Topics Covered under training:

    • Kubernetes deployment strategies
    • Secured service access
    • Configuration management
    • Service-Meshes

    It will give a deeper understanding of how Kubernetes Deployments can be used for rolling updates, automatic health checks, secured service access and configuration management. It will also teach the use of Service-Meshes for deployment updating, monitoring, debugging and load-balancing. In addition, it will give a look into some technical aspects of DevOps with Kubernetes.

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