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    Event 12.07.21 - 16.07.21 | Online

    Virtual course on Microscopy data analysis: Machine learning and the BioImage Archive

    A week-long course aimed at scientists working with bioimage data across the life sciences

    EOSC-Life participants are invited to apply for the virtual training course “Microscopy data analysis: Machine learning and the BioImage Archive” organized by EMBL-EBI. The course will be using IDR and SARS-CoV-2 data sets from EU-OPENSCREEN covering compound repurposing screening of 5600 known drugs and bioactives against SARS-COV-2, developed within the EOSC-Life project.

    This course will introduce programmatic approaches used in the analysis of bioimage data via the BioImage Archive. The content will explore a variety of data types including electron microscopy, cell and tissue microscopy, and miscellaneous or multi-modal imaging data. Participants will cover contemporary biological image analysis with an emphasis on machine learning and advanced image analysis. Further instruction will be offered using applications such as ZeroCostDL4Mic, ilastik, the BioImage Model Zoo, and CellProfiler.

    The organisers welcome applications from scientists who have specific research questions that look to use publicly available data held in the BioImage Archive and can demonstrate use cases for the resource.


    Read more and register here.

    Applications close 14 May 2021!

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