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    Event 17.10.22 - 21.10.22 | Online

    Virtual Workshop: Bioinformatics Approaches to Viruses

    Find out how to use bioinformatics tools to understand sequencing data from viral pathogens!

    You have just managed to get loads of sequencing data from a viral pathogen. Now, how can you process all of that data?

    Our partners in the ELIXIR hub based in EMBL-EBI (WP9) let us know about this helpful (and virtual!) workshop that will provide training on the use of bioinformatics tools to understand sequencing data from viral pathogens.

    Trainees will learn how to assemble a viral genome, perform comparative viral genomics, phylogenomics, metaviromics, and use this data in downstream in research and applied contexts.

    View the full programme, trainer line up, and apply for the course here.

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