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    Event 19.04.23 - 20.04.23 | Heidelburg, Germany

    Workshop: BioImaging and the European Open Science Cloud

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    In collaboration with EOSC-Life WP9, Euro-BioImaging is organizing a 1.5-day in person workshop at Euro-BioImaging, Heidelberg, Germany, with the aim of bringing together the EOSC-Life community with imaging facilities and companies in the imaging field, to exchange on tools, workflows, data resources and data services with a specific focus on image data.

    When: 19-20 April 2023

    Download the detailed agenda

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    Participants have the chance to discuss topics such as:

    • Image Analysis as a service
    • Image Data Management for imaging facilities
    • FAIR image data and data services
    • Transitioning cloud-compatible tools and services to the EOSC
    • Imaging-related projects and initiative in the wider EOSC landscape

    …and discuss sustainability, funding models and opportunities for industry in our panel discussion.

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