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    Event 02.07.21 - | Online

    EOSC-Life workshop on hosting hybrid events

    Join us for a one-day knowledge exchange workshop, part of EOSC-Life Remote training series

    In 2020 we had to rapidly adapt from hosting and attending face-to-face events to a remote setting. While we faced certain challenges, we also realised that virtual events have several advantages, including the opportunity to reach a wider audience, the possibility of being more inclusive, and decreasing the amount of traveling, which has an impact not only at environmental level but also in terms of work-life balance.

    An intermediate solution for resuming face-to-face events is to organise hybrid events. Hybrid events are those where attendees and speakers may attend in-person or online and both formats translate in a similar productive experience.

    Many trainers and event organisers have reservations about hosting hybrid events, partially due to a lack of experience with this type of events. 

    For this reason, EOSC-Life, as part of its Remote training series, is organising a one-day knowledge exchange workshop on Hosting hybrid events. The objective of this interactive workshop is to brainstorm about organising hybrid events so that participants will be able to evaluate which kind of events or sessions can be organised hybrid, what resources would be needed and what would be the benefits of choosing a hybrid format over a face-to-face or a remote one.

    The workshop is free of cost and will take place on the 2nd of July 2021. The programme will be structured in a morning session and an afternoon session. Both sessions will be independent and different, and participants can register for either one or both sessions.

    Registration is closed. Applications from participants belonging to EOSC-Life consortium, ESFRI cluster projects or Research Infrastructures will be prioritised. Thank you to everyone interested in the workshop.

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