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    Event 18.07.20 - | Online

    Workshop on Tool Packaging

    Fit your tools into any platform with Bioconda and BioContainers

    EOSC-Life WP2 will be hosting a workshop on tool packaging as part of the Bioinformatics Community Conference, BCC2020, the next 18th of July.

    This time there will be introductions to condaBioconda and BioContainers, along with hands-on for the participants to give it a try.

    The registration is now open, so if that sounds interesting to you or your RI, join us!

    Early rates (with 50% off) only until the 10th of July!

    Platform experts, tool developers, domain experts using the tools

    Teach packaging with conda build and learn how containers are constructed from Conda recipes/packages

    Linux/OSX recommended

    BCC2020 is online, global, and affordable. The 2020 Bioinformatics Community Conference brings together the Bioinformatics Open Source Conference (BOSC) and the Galaxy Community Conference into a single event featuring training, a meeting, and a CollaborationFest. Events run from July 17 through July 25, and will be held in both the eastern and western hemispheres.

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