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     WP1 RI nominated resources 5: IMPC data cloudification for workflow application


    The International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) is an international effort by 19 research institutions to identify the function of every protein-coding gene in the mouse genome. To achieve this, the IMPC is systematically knocking out each of the roughly 20,000 genes that make up the mouse genome. Subsequently, the knockout mice undergo standardized phenotyping tests across a range of biological systems in order to infer gene function. The latest IMPC data release (DR16.0) consists of over 93 million data points characterized using more than 40 attributes. Statistical analysis is performed, and genotype-phenotype associations are made between genotypes and ontology terms from the Mammalian Phenotype ontology.

    The cloudification of the IMPC data enhanced the range of potential analyses tremendously. The improved data portability enables users to perform analysis in cloud environments which require flexible resource configuration for example data utilization for deep learning workflows. Moreover, the cloudified IMPC resource enables user-driven knowledge discovery on gene, allele and phenotype level (e.g. to identify health-related phenotypes). Through the development of relevant tools during the project, the IMPC data can now be accessed in the Galaxy workflow management system. The Galaxy IMPC query tool is fully workflow applicable and can be used as an entry point for data analysis or utilized in existing workflows.

    All relevant outcomes of the IMPC cloudification project can be accessed through the following URLs:



    CERBM (GIE-Centre Européen de Recherche en Biologie et en Médecine)

    EMBL-EBI (European Bioinformatics Institute)



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    As a newcomer to EOSC-Life, I can say that my experience and interactions with the group members has been great. They are highly skilled, and they helped me to get to know the project better. I got to learn new things/methodology. In Particular, the FAIR sharing and data cloudification initiative has attracted my attention and I am very happy to contribute to our project. EOSC Life has provided us a platform to collaborate with people from different research backgrounds and contribute to open science initiatives.

    – Gopal Krishna Dila