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    EOSC-Life rolled out a range of services throughout the course of the project.


    EOSC-Life funded 8 so-called “Demonstrator” projects that made use of our Research Infrastructures’ data for their own research. You can learn more about these projects on the “Demonstrators” page.

    These scientific and technical pilot projects provide concrete scientific use-cases and guide and structure the work done in EOSC-Life to build an open digital and collaborative space for biological and medical research. The Demonstrator projects represent a broad scope of life science domains and aim to make data, tools, and workflows available in the cloud ​for re-use by the scientific community.

    Check the “Project Deliverables and Publications” page for publications and resources related to the Demonstrator projects.


    EOSC-Life Calls

    Five (5) Calls were issued during the EOSC-Life funding period. Learn more about the outcomes of each of these Calls by clicking on the links below:


    EOSC-Life WP9 coordinates a series of trainings, both internal and external. Click here for information about the trainings offered throughout the project.

    Tools & Workflows

    EOSC-Life WP2 facilitated the integration of scientific workflows created by the RIs into the EOSC environment and helped to make them FAIR.  They did so by creating suitable workflow metadata standards and a workflow registry to support findability, supported the adoption and use of workflow testing for easier maintenance, and helped stakeholders adopt cloud technologies that enabled them to execute these workflows on EOSC-compatible cloud infrastructures. Learn more about the diversity of tools and workflows created in EOSC-Life here.


    COVID-19 Data Portal and Clinical Trials Data Repository

    EOSC-Life WP13 and WP14 provided solutions that enabled stakeholders to respond quickly to needs of the community in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, these WPs supported data sharing and digital tool usage by:

    Learn more about these important services here.

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