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    The Third Training Open Call accepted applications until 1 November 2022 and is now closed.

    For further information, please email the WP9 leaders.

    About the Call

    This call was opened to provide training on topics relevant to EOSC-Life. Proposals could be submitted for funding to support the following activities (not mutually exclusive).

    Eligible topics were (non-exhaustive list, for more information see Deliverable 9.1):


    Submission Criteria

    With this Third Training Open Call, EOSC-Life offered support without any restriction with respect to the training modality. Training courses could be face-to-face, online, or blended courses.

    You did not need to be a EOSC-Life beneficiary to apply.

    In the past, funded projects requested a budget between 1,600 and 20,000 Euro.

    The Terms of Submission clearly described the application process.

    The funded events must run by July 2023.
    The submission deadline was: 1 November 2022

    Supporting Documents