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    The Second Training Open Call has closed. Read below for information on the call.

    Email the WP9 leaders with any questions.


    About the Call

    The EOSC-Life Training team offers funding to support training activities and provides expertise and guidance to help you organise successful and impactful training through our Training Open Call.

    This call is for training on topics relevant for EOSC-Life. Proposals can be submitted for funding to support the following activities (not mutually exclusive).

    • Development of new courses or other training activities
      This would typically provide funding for personnel developing new training activities or adapting existing training to the needs of EOSC-Life; this could include face-to-face  courses, e-learning courses or stand-alone content such as video/podcast.
    • Delivery of courses or other training activities
      This would typically provide funding for venue related costs such as catering and room rent or some support for the travel of trainers
    • Capacity building
      This would typically provide funding for any activity that supports the reach of existing courses, shares best practice and knowledge exchange, coordinates activities with other EOSC-related projects. This could include training new trainers or staff visits between Research Infrastructures. This could provide funding for venue related costs such as catering and room rent or some support for the travel.

    Submission Criteria

    With the Second Training Open Call, EOSC-Life offers support without any restriction with respect to the training modality. Training courses can be face-to-face, online or blended courses. Courses may be organised in collaboration with non-EOSC-Life partners given that the rationale and added value can be demonstrated.

    EOSC-Life aims to address topics relevant across RIs and foster close collaboration and exchange among RIs. Therefore, proposals should have at least two Research Infrastructures as partners in the application. Contributions do not have to be equal, e.g. one RI could provide expertise and the other RI the use case and event organisation. RI applicants do not need to be part of EOSC-Life, but strong rationale why they provide additional value/expertise must be given. As an additional measure to foster collaboration & exchange across RIs, successful applicants are requested to allow shadowing of trainers if of interest i.e. allow trainers from other RIs as observers to the course and if feasible during the preparation. 

    The application team needs to indicate who will be the lead applicant. If the proposal is successful the lead applicant will be responsible to distribute the funding granted among the applicant team according to the agreed budget. In case no applicant is an EOSC-Life beneficiary, a third party contract will be concluded between the lead applicant’s legal entity and the legal entity of a WP9 lead.

    The budget for the Second Training Open Call is 45,000 Euro and we aim to fund multiple projects from that amount. Members of EOSC-Life WP9 need to clearly justify why the activity will need additional funding. We suggest to get in touch with the WP9 leads before preparing the application.

    How to Apply

    Deadline for proposal submission is Friday 13 November 2020 (midnight BST/GMT+1).

    Only complete proposals will be considered.

    Submission uses an ARIA web form: our templates will help you structure your application accordingly.

    Expression of interest stage: Applicants should email the WP9 leaders with a draft proposal to discuss and request feedback, including possible synergies with other expected proposals.

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